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Welcome to the submission system for the eHealth2018 Best Master Papers

This year we are supporting the efforts for innovative ways to incorporate open peer reviewing done in the context of the EU project OpenUP ( ) The most important changes are:
  • All authors submitting a paper will also be reviewing two of their peers (as "Layman reviewers"/secondary reviewers in addition to assigned expert reviewers)
  • All accepted submission after the rebuttal phase will be visible to all registered users including the given reviews. The identities of authors and reviewers will be revealed at this point. Rejected (or retracted) submissions will remain hidden (including the identities of anyone involved)
Please see for more information The conference online system will sent you emails using the account: If you need assistance with the submission system, please also send your questions to:

Reviews have started! The deadline for reviewers to finish their review is:
24th February, 2018 (23:59h UTC+1)
Welcome to the 12th Annual Conference on Health Informatics meets eHealth (eHealth2018 Best Master Paper) submissions site. For general conference information, see
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